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Wood Laser Engraved Wine Caddy WDWC

Manufacturing Process

Custom laser engraved Wine Caddy accomodates 2 wine glasses and sits on top of the wine bottle.  Great for BBQs, parties, nice dinners, executive gifts.  Tons of area for logo placement.  Can be stained for extra cost.

Please note that wood laser engraved products are made from REAL wood and are individual from one to the next due to the wood grain and wood color. Whereas the Laser settings are always the same, the intensity and darkness are affected by the individual wood grain and wood color from one piece to the next. Stain colors will vary due to the original wood grain and color being inconsistent. Laser engraving is a burning process and therefore will leave varying degrees of smokiness. For a cleaner finish, please discuss our hand sanding process with your sales rep.

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